Why does your business need an Editor?

Editing tends to pick up on the nitty-gritty details of a document. As an Editor, I will check for proper spelling, grammar, punctuation. Even with things like automatic computerised spell-checking, spelling errors are still prevalent – no computerised system is fail-proof. When you're typing, your word processing program may see your misspelling and correct it without you having to manually catch the error and fix it. However, most programs can only assume what you were intending to spell, and may end up creating the wrong word from your spelling. As an Editor, I will go over your information carefully, and make sure everything is indeed spot on.

While a lot of word processing programs can look for spelling mistakes, most can't effectively track down poor grammar. Even if your document is well thought out and backed up with a wealth of logical information, if it is chock full of bad grammar, it will end up making you look as if you did not put enough time or effort into your project, and may even go so far as to lower the opinion of your overall intelligence or interest. An Editor’s function not only ends at good grammar skills, we will also show that you are capable of effectively communicating your ideas.

As an editor & copywriter I will also follow proper formatting regulations as well as work on your content. I will recommend preferred page lengths, word count, & margins. It is my job to ensure that your document adheres to all the required guidelines; remember, ignoring them can be damaging. All in all, editing is essential for eliminating all those silly mistakes that can severely compromise your reputation. With editing, I not only prove that you can effectively express your ideas, but also that you are capable, well researched & the accomplished.